“Sε w’ankasa wo tirii ho a, yε yi wo ayi bᴐne”.

In another breath, If you do not tell your story be sure someone else would and they might not tell it right. This Twi proverb poignantly captures Africaniwa’s philosophy as a grassroots lived experience storytelling forum, relying mainly on the power of photographs. We provide a revolutionary approach to storytelling as for centuries, our stories have been untold, mistold, uninterpreted and misinterpreted through western lenses, resulting in the historical marginalization and distortion of our narrative.

Welcome to Africaniwa. We are a tribe who hones in the ancient tradition of storytelling and as custodians of this sacred art, we believe the human story should be central to our understanding of the world. Consequently, creating a safe space, where indigenous tribes men and women share stories of their lived experience as a result, changing and owning their narrative as well as steering conversations to promote social cohesion.

An image in itself is powerful enough to tell a story but there’s always that moment of epiphany when the narrator tells the extraordinary story behind an image which accentuates Africaniwa as a shared story and our shared humanity.
Africaniwa is a story of the lived experience. That defining moment of my lens, our story.

Virtual Photo Exhibition Hosted Last Friday Of the Month.




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It’s neither the Netherlands nor Sutherland but an absolute wonderland, our Motherland. Africaniwa is our name and it could be yours too. This is Africaniwa – my lens, our story.

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